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Danny and the Dinosaur

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Danny and the Dinosaurby: Syd Hoff
published: 2005 by Barnes & Noble Publishing,(first published 1958)
isbn13: 9780760765029
Hardcover, 61 pages

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story begins with a little boy named Danny. He takes a trip to a museum where he meets a dinosaur who comes to life and together they spend the day around town. A lovely story that kids of all ages can enjoy!

Not only is this a good picture book to be read to a young child, but it is also a great story for confidence boosting in children who are starting to read. Being a beginner reader book, it's probably a level 2, since it introduces a lot of digraph words mixed with first grade level sight words. With lots of repetition of words throughout the story, the child becomes a more confidant reader by the end.

A must have for all boys who are starting to read!


Lisa said...

My daughter liked this one when she was learning to read. Probably for the same reason--it was a great confidence booster.

xiao said...

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